Wellness Guide

Whole Teacher Cohorts

Whole Teacher Cohorts inspire a healthy & happy force of teachers who reignite their school’s well-being from the inside out. Cohort members learn and apply wellness strategies through The Whole Teacher Weekly Wellness Guide, interactive Whole Teacher workshops, and consistent collaborative check-ins. 

The Whole Teacher™ Cohort Process

1. Create Your Cohort

Form a group of teachers at your school who want to refuel their health and happiness.

2. Cohort Begins with Welcome Workshop

Cohort will start journey with a Whole Teacher Welcome Workshop (virtual or in-person).

3. Teachers Start Their Guidebook Journey

Each member works through The Whole Teacher Weekly Wellness Guide which consists of 12 Whole Teacher categories (150+ daily strategies).

4. Cohort Check-Ins Begin

As determined by cohort, members meet consistently for check-ins to discuss learnings and takeaways.

5. Add Optional Extension Workshops

Schedule up to 12 Extension Workshops (virtual or in-person) to learn more about any of the 12 Whole Teacher categories. Members choose workshop quantity and topics.

Cohorts Ignite Change

Cohorts create change from the inside out as members learn to be their healthiest and happiest selves. Members will learn strategies in 12 wellness categories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a cohort cost?

Livable Learning was created to help as many teachers around the world as possible. In order to make cohorts accessible to all schools, they receive a 25% discount on individual guidebooks, the Welcome Workshop, and any additional Extension Workshops. 

Can only teachers participate?

Anyone who works in a school environment would benefit from participating! Invite counselors, TAs, administrators, librarians, etc.

How many can participate in a cohort?

Cohorts can consist of any number of members. You could have two members or up to an entire staff! As long as the members are willing to hold themselves and each other accountable, they will discover growth.  

How long will the cohort last?

Cohorts can last up to 25 weeks because that is the length of the guidebook. Depending on the start date, some cohorts split up the guidebook among members to condense the time. This just requires more sharing among cohort members because everyone will not personally experience every opportunity in the guidebook. 

What do the check-ins look like?

Check-ins look different for every cohort. Some cohorts meet every month, every two weeks, or after completing every category in the guidebook. Some meet during their lunch period while others meet before or after school.

The purpose of these check-ins is to ensure that all members are held accountable while also deepening their camaraderie and personal growth. These check-ins are entirely led by cohort members as they discuss takeaways/learnings/observations. 

What is the Welcome Workshop?

The Welcome Workshop is an introduction to the entire Whole Teacher outlook, the layout of the guidebook, and the cohort process. Cohort members will walk away with an urgency to start their cohort journey together. 

What is the benefit of adding on Extension Workshops?

Extension Workshops deepen each Whole Teacher category. Lauren, the founder of Livable Learning, uses her experience as a former teacher and certified holistic health coach to examine the significance of the category and introduce additional strategies. These are interactive (in-person or virtual) presentations so cohort members are invited to discuss and interact as they learn. 

Can we get the same benefits from a virtual workshop as an in-person workshop?

Schools across the country deserve to establish Whole Teacher Cohorts. With that said, it is important to us that our virtual workshops provide the same powerful experience as our in-person workshops.

We utilize interactive tools, high-mileage questions, and a presentation format that eliminates the barriers that often exist between presenter and participant in virtual formats. 

Is it guaranteed that cohort members experience a shift in their sense of fulfillment?

Consider the well-known phrase, “What you put in is what you get out.” The purpose of The Whole Teacher stems from doing the hard inner work to re-ignite a deep sense of passion and purpose felt in your day-to-day life, which can THEN impact your career. If you avoid putting in the hard work by skipping days, doubting strategies, or not believing in this approach to health and happiness, this shift will most likely not occur for you. 

Whole Teacher Testimonials

“I have been so stressed since the beginning of the school year. I was putting all of my energy into other areas and not taking care of myself. Now, I’m doing more self-care because of this program. I recognized when I’m not eating well and taking care of my own needs everything around me wasn’t working. Since I’ve started, the whole journey has helped me in all areas of my life.”

“I’m so happy to have begun this process!  The prompts are short and digestible but extremely meaningful and thought-provoking.  I’ve found myself being challenged to think about health and stress management in new ways.”

“I joined the cohort because I needed something that would help me take active steps in self-care and reclaim my life. I’m learning that I have so much more to give others when I’m taking the time to care for myself first. So, I’ve given myself permission to seek out healthy options—and healthy interactions with others. I look forward to getting better and better through this year.”