Welcome to the Whole Teacher Movement

We all know one thing to be true: all we can control is ourselves— our reactions, our attitude, our demeanor, our classroom culture. With that said, thriving in this career ultimately stems from the state of our well-being. This is even more necessary given the burnout crisis hovering over education. The Whole Teacher Movement equips educators with actionable strategies to thrive while facing the ever-growing demands of this important profession.

What Is a Whole Teacher?

A Whole Teacher feels empowered to prioritize their own health and happiness at school and at home because they have learned simple wellness tools. 

Through our offerings, they are equipped with holistic health strategies (in all Whole Teacher categories) to implement. Whole Teachers understand the wide range of factors impacting their overall health and happiness.

As they learn and grow, Whole Teachers experience inspiring changes in their health, happiness, and ultimately, their overall fulfillment as an educator.

Why Join the Whole Teacher Movement?

Whole Teachers join a community of educators who understand the dire significance of prioritizing their health and happiness to increase retention, decrease burnout, and fuel fulfillment. 

When Whole Teachers join forces, they change how educators all over the world experience their lives and careers. 

This refreshing mindset puts the power in the hands of individual teachers, sparking change in classrooms, schools, and entire communities.