The Whole Teacher Summer Sidekick


Introducing the first of its kind—a self-care sidekick to support teachers throughout the summer! This six-week curated text program helps teachers rejuvenate, replenish, and reactivate their mind, body, and soul. You deserve to prioritize your health and happiness this summer and carry the habits you create into next school year!

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The Whole Teacher Summer Sidekick is here to help you experience summertime as your healthiest and happiest self!

Program Length
Your Summer Sidekick will send 38 texts over the course of six weeks: the introduction text on Saturday, July 1st and the closing text on Saturday, August 12th.

All texts will arrive at 7 AM (yes, we know it's early!) Sunday-Friday.

Program Content
- Sunday texts: An explanation of why the week’s category matters.
- Monday texts: A Monday Motivation question. These are meant to spark realizations for how the week’s category impacts you.
- Tuesday-Friday texts: A quick, simple wellness strategy to try out that day.

Weekly Categories
Week 1 (Sunday, July 2nd- Friday, July 7th): Consistent Stress Management
Week 2 (Sunday, July 9th- Friday, July 14th): Livable Nutrition
Week 3 (Sunday, July 16th- Friday, July 21st): Inspiring Movement
Week 4 (Sunday, July 23rd- Friday, July 28th): Comforting Environment
Week 5 (Sunday, July 30th- Friday, August 4th): Adaptable Mindset
Week 6 (Sunday, August 6th- Friday, August 11th): Passionate Teaching

The Summer Sidekick Equips You To…

1. Deepen your summer experiences through consistent inner work.
2. Approach wellness with the clarity that summer often provides.
3. Dig deeper into how six different holistic health categories show up in your life.
4. Spark habits that you can mimic during the school year.
5. Most importantly, feel like the best version of YOU and enjoy summertime to the fullest.

Whole Teacher Testimonials

“I have been so stressed since the beginning of the school year. I was putting all of my energy into other areas and not taking care of myself. Now, I’m doing more self-care because of this program. I recognized when I’m not eating well and taking care of my own needs everything around me wasn’t working. Since I’ve started, the whole journey has helped me in all areas of my life.”

“I’m so happy to have begun this process!  The prompts are short and digestible but extremely meaningful and thought-provoking.  I’ve found myself being challenged to think about health and stress management in new ways.”

“I joined the cohort because I needed something that would help me take active steps in self-care and reclaim my life. I’m learning that I have so much more to give others when I’m taking the time to care for myself first. So, I’ve given myself permission to seek out healthy options—and healthy interactions with others. I look forward to getting better and better through this year.”