Teachers Are Leaving

Teachers are leaving the classroom at an exceedingly high rate. This detrimental problem poses a huge risk to the future of our country’s education system.

Consider the immense empathy, creativity, patience, flexibility, and energy teachers exude on a daily basis. They sympathize, inspire, comfort, and challenge students over and over again. This is what makes the career so rewarding, but also so exhausting. 

To thrive day in and day out, teachers must have strategies to consistently refuel and restore their health and happiness. There’s no other way to decrease burnout. 

Reignite Education

Livable Learning was founded to inspire Whole Teachers—teachers who recognize the significance of prioritizing all 12 Whole Teacher categories. Doing so increases retention, decreases burnout, and fuels fulfillment. 

Our offerings provide continual experiences for teachers to learn simple ways to prioritize their well-being inside and outside the classroom. 

It’s time to reignite the world of education. Are you ready to join the movement?

Our Founder’s Journey

Livable Learning Teacher

Welcome! I am so grateful you are here.

Being a teacher changed many aspects of my life—my ability to think on my feet, my compassion for others, and my confidence to think creatively, among many other things. Sometimes these changes felt empowering, while other days they felt draining. 

To maintain any sense of balance in my life, my health and happiness had to be a priority. After graduating as a certified holistic health coach, I started to implement small changes into my day-to-day life to prioritize my well-being. Soon enough, the job stressors weren’t impacting me in quite the same way because I was consistently refueling and restoring my health and happiness. 

I felt so inspired and eager to share approachable wellness strategies with teachers because I lived and breathed the daily pressures. I personally understood how those stressors have the power to blur the lines between professional and personal life. But more than anything, I believed teachers deserved a change.

In health and happiness,

Lauren Girgash