Liv·a·ble (adjective): worth living; enjoyable

Every Livable Lesson will encourage you to prioritize your own health and happiness by:

1. Sparking inspiration from a quote/research.
2. Connecting the quote/research to what you deserve as a teacher.
3. Promoting accountability with related actions to implement inside and outside your classroom.
4. Encouraging reflection with a related wellness question.


“Teachers’ health has received much more attention over the past century, since schoolteachers have emerged as a category of workers highly prone to a variety of psychological, mental and physical problems, as a consequence of the stress and attrition they are dealing with every day” (National Library of Medicine).

“Feeling deeply seen and respected reduces stress. It enhances motivation and positive choice, as well as increases well-being and decreases physical symptoms.” – Dr. Joan Borysenko

What You Deserve

Are you or your coworkers experiencing varying forms of burnout?

Are you or your coworkers craving professional development opportunities that prioritize teachers’ needs first?

Are you interested in learning more strategies to refuel your health and happiness at school and at home?

Does your staff need a boost of community, optimism, energy, and happiness?

Are you likelier to hold yourself accountable when forming new habits alongside peers?

If you said yes to ANY of these questions, you and your coworkers would absolutely benefit from a Whole Teacher Cohort.

What is a Whole Teacher Cohort?! A solution that has the power to create a healthy & happy force of teachers who reignite their school’s well-being from the inside out. Cohorts are a unique way for a group of teachers to refuel by learning strategies through The Whole Teacher Weekly Wellness Guide, interacting in Whole Teacher workshops, and participating in consistent collaborative check-ins with one another. 

Cohorts have the power to change every individual who participates. Not to mention, the learnings and experiences of the cohort will ultimately have a domino effect on the entire staff. 

Head to our website to learn ALL about this process. We also have a letter you can download to send to your administrator for approval. 

I can’t wait to see the change a cohort creates in YOUR school!


At School: Start asking your coworkers if they have any interest in forming a Whole Teacher Cohort. You might be surprised how many want to go out of their comfort zones in this way.

At Home: Consider how a cohort of coworkers has the power to impact your health and happiness outside of school.


What about your school needs to change to promote community, camaraderie, and happiness?

How could a cohort ignite these changes?

In health and happiness,

Lauren Girgash
Founder of Livable Learning