A Unique Gift For Teachers

Is there a teacher in your life that puts everything they have into teaching?

This guidebook provides over 150 ways for teachers to put their health and happiness first in a world where they give so much to others. It is truly a tool that every teacher deserves. 

But don’t take our word for it—read reviews from teachers who have joined The Whole Teacher Movement. 

Guidebook Explained

Six Month Teacher Support Tool

In such an emotionally demanding career, teachers deserve a tool to support consistently refueling their health and happiness

Promotes Consistency

Teachers follow a process for 25 weeks that inspires them to put their health and happiness first each day.

Step 1: The Week’s Why— Learn why each week matters.
Step 2: Monday Motivation— Reflect on the week’s purpose.
Step 3: Small Daily Actions— Apply strategies during the day.
Step 4: Weekend Extension— Apply weekly learnings at home.

12 Whole Teacher Categories

The guidebook is made up of 12 tabs that represent the 12 Whole Teacher categories. Each tab includes 1-4 weeks of daily strategies for inside and outside the classroom to open teachers’ eyes to the wide range of factors impacting their fulfillment. See table of contents.

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15 Reasons Why This Gift Is Amazing

Teacher First

Made specifically

for teachers by

a teacher.


No dates or months;

teachers start journey

when they’re ready.


Simple opportunities

that make wellness

actionable in minutes.


Inspirational intros

to examine why

weekly topics matter.


220 opportunities

for inside and outside

the classroom.


Explores 12 Whole

Teacher holistic 

health categories.


25-week wellness

roadmap built

for teachers.

Attainable Results

Achieve emotional and

physical shifts. Get

out what is put in.


Repeated weekly

process to inspire



Complete this guide

as a cohort

at schools!


Transform daily

learnings into

lifelong habits.


Choice to use extra

lines and space to

document their thoughts.



Option to re-use

guide every six 



Strategies impact

individual teachers

in different ways.

Carefully Crafted

 Intentional design,

colors, layout,

and size.

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